Charity begins with Octo-mom’s home (donations gratefully accepted!)

Just when you thought it couldnt get any more SHAMELESS, Nadya Suleman, the infamous Octo-mom, has launched the “Nadya Suleman Family website” where folks who are so inclined can give a monetary gift, or even other material goods, to help her support her family. This is a prime example of double-dipping in my book, first by sticking the taxpayers with the tab for her babies’ medical costs and upkeep, and second, by blatantly asking for money!

This woman amazes me….she wants us to help her pay for these babies, babies (I might add) that she paid quite handsomely to even become impregnated with in the first place!!! She states she used money from a workman’s compensation claim to pay for the in vitro fertilization, but apparently didnt think about the ramifications of having so many babies at once in terms of birth weight or even gestational period…..This woman is truly despicable.

Here is an excerpt from the Huffington Post:

Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman has launched a website asking for donations for her family of 14 children.

The site features pictures of the eight newborns, with their names and birth weights, drawings of a rainbow, bottle and pacifier, and has two options to donate.

She is accepting monetary donations payable by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AmEx and Discover taken) and she also given an address to which one can send goods.

The website also contains a section to leave a comment and the following message:

“We thank you for the love and good wishes sent to us from around the world. The octuplets arrived on 1-26-09. They are all healthy and growing stronger by the day.”

Suleman no doubt needs help. She has no income, is $50,000 in debt. She also receives $490 a month in food stamps and receives about $600 in disability payments a month for each of the three of her older six children with disabilities. One has ADHD, one had a speech impediment and one has autism, according to NBC’s “Dateline” special.

Personally, I think I would seriously consider making a referral to Children’s services because what this woman is doing is almost criminal in terms of neglect (choosing to have more children when her first 6 already have documented health issues) I mean, we prosecute people who have too many animals that they cant take care of dont we??? What makes this any different? IMO, this is WORSE!!! I believe this is the first time in my life I ever thought a woman should have their Uterus taken out, whether they wanted to or not….Quick someone, fetch me a harpoon!!!


~ by irishgrl on February 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Charity begins with Octo-mom’s home (donations gratefully accepted!)”

  1. When reading this, part of me thought of doing the same type of site to help my dad out ( ). But am guessing that his newstory won’t ever spread out as far as this one. This is becoming one upside down world.

  2. I am sorry Nadya, but you have chosen the wrong time, day in age, and recession to choose to mother 8 babies in a financial and living condition that is not suitable for not only yourself, but for your 14 children. Families across the country can’t afford to put gas in their cars, food on the table, or keep a job DUE to layoffs and you THINK people can afford to father your selfish decision? People have to worry about their own problems right now. Charity websites?? Honestly honey, i would love to announce to the world that i believe this was all a plan, you were obviously struggling like the rest of the country is and you figured HEY ill have millions of babies and ask for support and then get publicity from TV shows and media…selfish. Maybe you should of thought second on spending 5, 000 dollars on plastic surgery while $50,000 in debt and mothering 14 children…People aren’t dumb..its 2009, solve your own problems sweety. Thought you could handle it right?? then handle it on your own.

  3. I tried thinking of this from my side and the babies/childrens side and you are right to say “people have to worry about their own problems”. I’m doing what I can to have me and my own family survive this life “off the SYSTEM”. Infact I can’t get any assistance around here cuz we make too much, if that’s the case why are we going down hill?! I’m still thinking of making little blankets “FOR THE BABIES ONLY” their soo innocent and hopefully all this will not affect their futures. Their not at fault. Their will not be any cash from me, What I EARN is MINE to take care of MY family and I would gladly help a more thought out cause than this. Was Nadya too busy shopping for herself to not think….I’m going to need a bigger home? Where is everyone going to sleep? Where am I going to keep all the formula/breast milk? HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET THEM HOME?! Is she so dence that she didn’t think of any of this? How could you not when you’re carrying them for so long. Sad very sad, and very sick that she would take advantage of so many people, organizations and whatever else for her laziness and stupidity.

  4. No job no place to live and she already had six children. She is selfish and very very very unstable. But not to worry she does have a plan just make everythign public and let the rest of the world take care of her children. I am sure people will donate to those poor helpless children but I am sure that NOBODY wants to help her. The best help she could get would be a visit from child services so they can take thos children and LOCK HER AWAY!!!!

  5. One last thing Nadya my dear…In many of your interviews you have mentioned that you were so caught up in having babies that you just kept going. YES NADYA YOU….. I I I I I I …..your interviews are filled with I wanted this and I wanted that and I thought this all you talk about is what YOU wanted and now you want the rest of the world to think of the children. We all think of those poor helpless children too bad YOU DONT!!!!!!!!! I hope that the donations are strictly for the babies(clothes diapers etc.) The last thing we would want is to donate money to you only to find you pregnant again using our money to pay for it. Which is exactly what you would do I AM SURE!!! God bless all those who have donated to those children!!! We all know tha you cant take care of them!!!!!!

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