In these strange times, I know I should see the glass as half full instead of half empty. And Im trying. For instance, Im thankful that I have a roof over my head, a little plot of land that I call my own, my family (my children) is nearby, that is, all live fairly close, my car is fixed and is running decent, I have my health for the most part, and I have a pretty decent job (even if I DO have an assinine boss). Im able to pay my bills (mostly) and I am blessed with good friends. Ive reconnected with my roots (musically) and I have broadened my horizons.

I try to ignore the minor annoyances that crop up (my sink is clogged, one catbox is not enough for 4 cats, my boss is a micromanager,my best bud is consumed about his health and has forsaken me, and the love of my life is otherwise occupied). I do have recent concerns about arthritis, and perhaps memory loss, but that may be temporary or correctable. Yes, my neighbors are a pain, but one day I will have a fence. Yes the daily commute is a pain, but its only an hour or so out of my day.

To be sure, things could be a whole lot worse, for example, I could need dialysis, or kidney transplant, or something…John McCain could have won the election, I could have been laid off or been seriously injured. My children could live hours away. My true love or my best bud could be dead.

I know that some of my friends/acquaintances are experiencing difficult times, and I grieve for them. I pray that things settle themselves out soon for their sake. I cant help but come back to the fact that in spite of all the crappy stuff that is going on, things could be a whole lot crappier, and Im glad they’re not, at least in MY life.

Happy Turkey Day everyone, and I hope that you can ALL find SOMETHING to be thankful for…..


~ by irishgrl on November 27, 2008.

6 Responses to “Thankful.”

  1. I’m thankful that we are given a new day to rectify our yesterday’s mistakes and to do the things that we need to do!!!

    have a great day to you!!!you inspire me!!!

  2. so true, I know that every morning I wake up is also something to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding me! Im glad I inspire you, at least I inspire someone! now if only my kids felt that way….

  3. Hey Mary – hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was quiet – just mom, dad, grandpa ‘n lil’ ol’ me plus a turkey breast with all the fixin’s. Take care over the holidays – hope the weather up there’s treating you ok.

    • HEY! long time no hear from! Glad to see you’re still keepin’ tabs on me 🙂 I hear the Mac is touring next year, and all the boards are buzzing with it!
      You probably wont be surprised to learn I have found a new board to irritate…and Ive already managed to piss off the mods. Ah, the memories!
      Anyway, have a look around the site if you’ve got time, Ive got some funny stuff here, and some rabble rousing, and a new group of friends 🙂
      The weather up here is great, but its bothering too, because we should be having major rainage by now and as you know, we aren’t….thats a real
      concern to me actually…..Anyway, good to hear from ya Justin, dont be a stranger ok?

  4. Yep – the internet wasn’t working right, blocking many sites for a while so I couldn’t view your blog here. Ha, congrats on the new forum. I’m not a fan of the lack of rain this year either — hopefully we’ll be doused and fires won’t be cropping up.

  5. from your mouth to God’s ear my friend 🙂

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