And now for something completely different-Part 2

HALLOWEEN. I am a proud participant. I last Trick or Treated at the ripe old age of 35, with my pre-teen daughters, and my then boyfriend (who manned the obligatory flashlight), each of us equipped with a pillowcase and bound and determined to fill it before night’s end. I dont remember what costumes my daughters wore, but I was the Grim Reaper, in a costume that hid my adult face. Fortunately for me, I am short, and the 3 of us looked of an age thanks to my clever costume 🙂 An amusing little aside: While my daughters and I were waiting at the door of a prospective candy giver, a mom had just driven up and out popped a little girl who indignantly huffed that at her last stop, a mom had the effrontery to have her very own pumpkin whilst taking her toddler trick or treating. Needless to say, my girls and I laffed our butts off. When she wanted to know what was so funny, my girls pointed to me and said “THATS OUR MOM!”. I have no shame in sharing that my son is 8yrs old, and I have the most amazing Monk costume with a mask from The SCREAM and matching bony hands to boot. I plan on filling my pillowcase just as full as I possibly can. After all, candy costs freakin BUCKS and Im all about the milkyways baybeh…..

~ by irishgrl on October 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “And now for something completely different-Part 2”

  1. Yay for Halloween!!!!!
    Hope y’all have fun. Halloween is one of them awesome holidays.

  2. I considered going Trick or Treating as Heath Ledger’s Joker this year, but after hearing about 5 people planning to do the same, I canceled my plans. I’ll probably stay home and watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Again.

    But you hsve fun. It’s nice to see that adults can still get into the sprit of Halloween too. Happyface. I think.

  3. Oh go anyway. Just make sure that you don’t go the same places that the other people are going.
    That, or make yours ten times better than theirs, and be like “COPY-CATS” if you see them.

  4. Ive got the awesome costume this year and I am seriously contemplating the trick or treat thing. I road tested my mask and its stuffy. plus I wear glasses so, I am looking at dealing with nearsightedness as well as not being able to breathe…BUT……the greed for milky ways may yet prevail. I will keep you posted…

  5. ps: carrots: if you stay home you are diminishing the magic. shame on you!!! GO!!!!

  6. Jess, you need to figure out a way to go too……..I know I would…

  7. Oh, Irishgrl, you should just go. You will have your son with you , so you won’t really be blind if you can’t wear the glasses (dang things anyway). And masks are meant to hinder breathing patterns, or so it would appear.
    And I can’t go – there’s nowhere to go to do it. Unless I magically got to Flo-Town, but that’s not gonna happen. 😛

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