I wanna rule the world too! (or not…)

A friend of mine plays Sim City. I think this is a cool idea, really (tho, I dont have the game and probably never will). I mean, from what she says, the features you put into your city have real-world ramifications. And there’s things most people don’t think about, like taxes. And, Im assuming, other features of Government that most folks don’t take into consideration. I didnt appreciate the finer points of Government either until I was in my 30’s…so, yeah, thats pretty cool. And the decision whether or not to have an industrial site, knowing that its gonna wreck the environment, but without it there might not be any jobs (or taxes to the city). I know Governments are all about $$$$$$$$. They could care less about the environment. Me, Im big on environment. I think I would try to find another way to generate dollars…

so let me think, what other was of producing income are there? Tourism? nope, too seasonal. Malls? nope, have to have a way to make money before you can spend it…Hotels, Motels? maybe….Grocery stores? well you need those so I would put one in anyway. I’m kinda stumped…I can only think of one type of business that produces income with a minimal effect on the environment, CASINOS! oh sure, there’s parking issues and whatnot, but overall, I cant think of a business that brings in a steady stream of customers with a relatively minimal effect on the environment.

Of course, the downside is, my town would be a small town. I mean, there’s only so many casino jobs…so everyone living in my town not working at the Casino (or the grocery store) would probably have to commute to my friend’s town. I just hope its not too far away!

~ by irishgrl on August 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “I wanna rule the world too! (or not…)”

  1. Casinos rule!
    In the game, you can’t have a casino until you have a certain amount of people, though.
    But it’s a good idea. Other than the part about how, at least in my state (in real life), casinos can only be land that is owned by the Native Americans. Or something like that……

  2. they’re only legal on Native American land here in CA too. Too bad about the population requirement tho…See, I’d be throwing a fit about that rule!

  3. You could always just go to the, um, already established cities that are a part of the tutorials, which already have enough people. So you could do that and it’d be all good! 😀

  4. …Or you could use cheats.

  5. wow…I guess winging it isnt a good idea eh?? no town council recalls? no backlash referendums? ok…you guys know best!

  6. oh and welcome aborard Celery 🙂 can I add you to my blogroll?

  7. Sure. Sounds great!

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