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Candy Conversation Hearts. That ubiquitous confection that appears around this time every year, to delight or depress, depending upon your mood or circumstances…When I was a kid, I used to try to make sentences out of the hearts, and they had to make sense too. I did a search for candy heart sentences, and most of the results were for teachers (lesson plans) to help very young children with simple sentence structure.

I didnt want to go there so I tried a different search and found a site that listed individual hearts found in a typical box of candy hearts. There are also additional special hearts and suggestions for more sayings.
Obviously, its easier when you actually have the candies all spread out on the table and you can play around with them as the spirit strikes…

I also found a couple of neat sites where you can create your own virtual candy hearts:

here are some of my masterpieces:

and here is a gem a co-worker sent to me:

May I just say how touched I am? No seriously! Actually I about fell out of my chair laffing!

This site shows a possible way of making your own
as does this site

This site actually walks you through the actual candy making process, and finishes up with decorating.

This site has instructions for making larger, cookie-sized hearts that you can stencil messages onto. here’s their finished product:

All this mushy stuff is making me slightly dizzy, think I’ll go hunt up a box of candy hearts and see what I can come up with. By the way, the first link for the virtual heart messages also has a GOTH version, for those of you who are currently without a significant other. You, too, can create a heart. Happy Valentines day, everyone!

by the way: if anyone has created a heart they would like to share, Im happy to post them, just send a me a message (mark it candy heart so I dont delete it as spam) and I’ll post (within reason LOL!)

~ by irishgrl on February 11, 2010.

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