Luck of the Irish

I want to start by apologizing for lagging. I admit it. Today of all days, I (of all people) should have had the obligatory Irish ode to St Patrick’s day. Fact is, my mind has been consumed with an unfortunate incident that occured on Friday the 13th. Yes, dear reader, the irony is not lost on me. However, I cant blame what happened on bad luck, and Im not superstitious anyway. Truth is, I still cant keep my mouth shut when I think Im right about something. I doubt I ever will. As I learned this weekend, however, there is a price to be paid for failure to govern my unruly tongue (as the Bible says).

Many of my readers know I work in Social Services. Part of my job is to interpret and enforce regulations. I took an action on a case I honestly believed to be right. My lead worker brought the case back to me and said she couldnt authorize my action. I began to debate with her. She debated with me. Finally, she walked away, and a smart-mouthed comment burst out of my mouth…and my ears were incredulous at what my mouth was saying….

I regretted it almost immediately and apologized to my Lead worker, but she ended up going home early and I was left with the sneaking suspicion that it was because of me. I felt I had no choice but to email my Supervisor (she doesnt work Fridays) to let her know what I had done.

Im sure I dont need to tell you, gentle reader, that my weekend was one long guilt fest. I perused all local classified ads, and all other local large employers for openings, sure that I would be handed my pink slip first thing monday morning. I didnt sleep well, and when I did, I had work-related nightmares. To make matters worse, I had an interview for a promotional position on Monday and I seriously considered not going as I was worried that my Boss would KO my chances for promotion.

As I showered and got dressed and drove the 40 minute commute to what I was sure was going to be my career suicide, my heart was heavy, because I knew I would have to face the music. My friends and family all rallied around me, gave me words of encouragement and offers of prayer.

8am. I walked thru the doors of my job, and stopped at my Boss’s door. She had already read my email and wanted to know what happened. So, I sat down and gave her the ugly truth. I asked her if it would help if I transferred to another unit? She said it wouldnt solve the problem. I point blank asked her “are you going to write me up?” She said “I dont think so, I think we’ll do a 3 way to try and get a strategy so that this doesnt happen again.”

WELL! Imagine my surprise!! for the first time in days, a glimmer of hope! I went to my interview with a somewhat lighter heart and I dont think I bungled it too badly (time will tell) and I went to bed Monday evening with a hopeful attitude.

This morning, the moment of truth, I alternated between hope and despair as I waited to see what my fate would be. In the meantime, I dressed up in my best St Patrick’s Day outfit, and brought some kitschy St Patrick’s days presents I’d received over the years from co-workers: A giant leprechaun hat, an animated Leprechaun light display, and a Leprechaun troll. I put on a brave face all day because everyone has come to look to me to represent Irish Pride on St Patrick’s day.

Finally, my boss said we’d do the 3-way at 11 am. Folks, it took all of 10 minutes, and my lead worker, bless her, even took on part of the blame herself!! I never in a million years expected that! I told my boss later that that was very generous of her and my boss surprised me by saying “Mary, you’re too hard on yourself” WELL! you coulda knocked me over with a feather AGAIN! For the first time in 4 days, I finally felt the blessed mantle of relief wash over me. I wasnt gonna lose my job, I wasnt gonna get written up, I was just warned to act more professional and my lead worker even agreed to cue me when I was crossing that line 🙂

So: that brings us to the title “Luck of the Irish”. Ive heard it used in a sarcastic manner, like Irish have nothing but bad luck…but I’ve also heard it used to refer to Irish being very Lucky indeed! Today, on a day sacred to the Irish, I experienced true Luck O the IRISH in the BEST way possible 🙂

I hope all of you had a touch of IRISH Good Luck today!


~ by irishgrl on March 17, 2009.

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