New Year 2009

Ah the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start. Many of us, myself included, make New Year’s Resolutions in hopes of undoing the damage of our neglect or our excesses from the year before. This year, I hope to make a few lifestyle changes, lose some weight, improve my job situation, and who knows–maybe find my special someone at last. (that last one is not crucial, because my special someone will come when its right) As I look back on this past year, 2008 hasnt been all that great of a year. It hasnt been all THAT bad, but I would have wished for perhaps maybe a little less friction between myself and my job or myself and my neighbors. I could have also had a bit more in my bank account had I not had to repair my brainy car. Oh well…

Still, by comparison to some of the folks I deal with daily, Im not doing so bad. Im not the victim of Domestic Violence, Im not disabled, Im not unemployed (yet) and I still have my health. I have good friends too, and Im thankful for the friends I still have and my family. I dont know, I think it is human nature to always strive for something more, something better. We want even more for our kids than we had ourselves. We want a better year coming up than we had the year before.

So: for the coming year, I wish for all of you what you wish for yourselves. Even if you dont consciously make New Year’s wishes, I hope you get your unspoken heart’s desire. Perhaps we will all see a new beginning as a Nation with a new President, and a new direction for the whole world. Wouldnt that be nice?


~ by irishgrl on December 25, 2008.

18 Responses to “New Year 2009”

  1. Obama is not nice.

  2. perhaps….but he is certainly an improvement over the Bushwhacker..

  3. in some ways.

  4. If you want to run for office, I’ll vote for you.

  5. If I ran for office, I would destroy the United States. And enjoy it. Laughing. And perhaps loving.

    After I am done, it might be something like anarchist Canada… or Ireland. Or both.

  6. WELL THEN! Anything modeled after Ireland can only be OK in my book! Even the Anarchic bits 😛

  7. In anarchy, you are free. For whatever. Want to dig a castle for a house? Sure. Ten kilometer wide moat? If nobody owns the property,(or if they do, they allow you to use it) then do it! Maybe even if they say “no.” Then you equip your children with swords and prepare…

  8. Unless Ireland’s awesomeness is the government, then anarchy would not be good for you…

  9. perhaps Ive been living under that paradigm all my life without realizing it. All I know is, I am a HUGE supporter of personal freedoms.

  10. A dictatorship is much easier to take down than a democracy.

  11. err… that wasn’t very relevant…

  12. ok in Ireland, the anarchy is BECAUSE of the Government. the Irish have NEVER consented to being governed by an outside agency. Hence the 500 years of discord since England encroached on Irish soil…
    Irish seditionists are all ABOUT Anarchy!

  13. yay

  14. as for a dictatorship being easier to take down, that depends. the only thing to take down a dictatorship historically is a strong military coup. the problem with that is you need a very very strong military leader who transcends merely military structures… only very few military leaders have been able to carry that off, Julius Ceasar comes to mind…

  15. But if you happen to attack from the North… they’d never suspect the Canadians! 😛

  16. take off!

  17. Happy New Year, most Irish of girls. Good luck with your goals and getting past all of life’s daily hassles to find something greater.

  18. Aw Thx my friend 🙂 Yer as true blue as they come 🙂 I wish the same for you as well…

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