Why cant we be friends?

Welp, its official, I am a GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT.


Because I made the mistake of trying to get in touch with the Bastard.  (btw, I dont call him that, HE calls HIMSELF that).  Several months back, I wrote to ask him what was going on with his [former] website, and he wrote back to say it was sold to someone who sold it to someone else, and he was going to work  on getting another one up and running.  We had a nice couple of emails back and forth, nothing special, I told him to say “hey” to his girlfriend, and he said he would pass the message but wasnt sure if she’d be ok with him talking to me or not…….Well, I guess she wasnt because I havent heard from him since AND his email address is no more.  Yep, thats right, he actually closed it out.  I visited his girlfriend’s webpage awhile back and noted that all seems well in Bastard-land, but today, I couldnt bring it up.  Access denied.

I sit here shaking my head over the pettiness of it all:   Ive done nothing to her, and when last I heard from him, he said he wanted to stay friends.


Its too bad really, but I guess I should have expected this.   I did know how he operated, and I WAS warned by a certain Bat-type-person who had also experienced his deception.

I really need my head examined…


~ by irishgrl on December 18, 2008.

21 Responses to “Why cant we be friends?”

  1. Why oh why did you email him?!?!?!?!?!?

    Also, the “access denied” isn’t surprising – he likes hiding, as we’ve both noticed.
    Just, a bit petty, yes. Childish, but that’s expected from someone who can’t keep a job – an easy one, at that.

    Also, you helped me out with it, so we kinda warned each other….

    Sorry it happened this way, though. He has a way of creeping back into things, whether you want him to or not (not literally always, but just remembering the things he’s gotten away with makes me angry).

    Anyway, hope you feel better about it soon.

  2. remember when you said you thot his site was up but it didnt seem right, well you were right, it wasnt him doing the posts, so….I wrote and asked what was up with that because I thought it made his site look bad to be so amateurish…he wrote back and was pretty nice to me actually, but when he said he had to get permission to write to me, I realized things were definitely DIFFERENT with him.
    Its odd but tonight, on a whim I went to her site again, and its UP again or I could SEE it again….which is ODD….

    I know I should have turned my back long ago, but he said he wanted to stay friends, and I try to let bygones be bygones. I guess the truth is, in spite of everything, I still care. 😦

  3. ps: I LOVE your batman button, is there a site where you can make buttons? spill girl!

  4. Glutton for punishment?

    Anyway – it’s sad when 1/2 of a relationship puts the kibosh on their partner’s friendships. Someone my brother & sister grew up with couldn’t go to my brother’s memorial service because his wife knows he had a crush on my sister in high school. So the guy just sent a card with his sister. Boo.

    The site access thing is silly – but I’d chalk it up to another notch in your belt as being another banning. 😉

  5. hm that last sentence sounded off. oh well – turns out you probably weren’t being blocked anyway…

  6. well, access denied is pretty clear, I’d say. *shrugs* The fact that I can see it again after posting makes me wonder….

  7. Stupid is stupid.
    If you just wanted to be friends, I don’t see the issue. Anyway, I thought that one chick was totally cool with stuff…?
    Whatever, he’s a loozer anyway.

    PS: I got it on Facebook (lurve them flairz).

  8. are you saying Im stupid? Yeah, I suppose I am. Stupid for caring and and, just stupid. I admit it. And I thought she was pretty ok about stuff too, but at this point, I dont know what to think.
    and yeah, he’s a loozer. I never did have taste in men. guess I havent learned anything from all my other mistakes after all..:(

    what is flairz? Im on facebook too, can I find them buttons?

  9. ..Oops…it took out my thing. I said after stupid, not calling you stupid.

    Flair is a facebook app. It’s *awesome*

  10. GRRR it keeps taking it out!! I have “namehere” in little sidewayscarrotthings/brackets and it keeps taking it out….You probably don’t allow HTML in your comments or something, so it’s stripping it, thinking it’s HTML when it’s NOT.

  11. not sure if its blocking html or not but IM not blocking it…
    gonna go to facebook to see if I can find me some buttons!

    and thx for clarifying although I admit I do feel stupid

  12. OMG, Im having so much fun with Flair! You find all the best stuff Jess!

  13. I warn you now, it’s addictive 😛
    I have about 300 of them (a bit more than that) saved to my computer.
    And 40 some flair credits.
    Yeah, ADDICTIVE. 😛

  14. hey, why cant WE be friends (on Facebook that is!) are you Batman?

  15. I’m not Batman on facebook. I use my real name and stuff.
    You can do email searches on there, right? I use my gmail email…

  16. I dont think I have your gmail…I have your yahoo IM….tell ya what, Im gonna open Yahoo and you can give it to me.

  17. Pssst – wordpress has my email in all the comments, if you go to the comments page on your dashboard…..

  18. pfft. who has time? Anyway, girlie, thx for the add 🙂

  19. I has time 😛

  20. and I is humbled.

  21. At/For?

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