Effing Job.

My job sucks. It didnt used to, but my Supervisor painted a bullseye on my backside. There’s been tension at work lately because the County decided to go with a new operating system, one that doesnt have the current system’s fail-safes. That is making all the managers antsy. Ive worked for the County for 6 1/2 years now, under 5 different Supervisors, but only this newest one has ever criticized my work. She’s never liked me, and now that I am in her unit, she is setting me up, even my Union Steward felt the need to discuss the situation with me off the record!

So. Today I told her to her face that I need to be in a different department. Or a different unit. Ive seriously considered taking a stress leave (which to me is fucked up because I’ve always considered that to be the coward’s way out). Still, maybe it will get their attention so that they realize I am taking far more heat than any other worker in my position, and with no history of bad work, this basically amounts to discrimination.

Ive applied for 3 other positions, I test for one of them on friday and by GAWD, I hope I get hired elsewhere pronto! Then I can thumb my nose at what Im doing now, and never look back. I’ll keep you posted.

~ by irishgrl on October 16, 2008.

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