And Now for Something Completely Different-Part 1

Perhaps I am a creature of my generation, but one of my great joys growing up has been CARTOONS.

My earliest memories of cartoons included Popeye, Koko the clown, Felix the Cat (lame!) and the Warner Brothers stable of wackos. Of course, it didnt take long for Hanna Barbera to flood the market with their offerings, The Huckleberry Hound Show, The Flintstones, Top Cat, Tom and Jerry, The Yogi Bear Show, The Jetsons, Jonny Quest, Scooby-Doo, and The Smurfs, Wally Gator (syndicated, 1962-63), The Magilla Gorilla Show (syndicated, 1964-67), and The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show and The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

I never really got over my affinity for cartoons, and as my girls grew up, I watched cartoons in the 80’s with them, including TRANSFORMERS, POKEMON, SAILOR MOON, HE MAN, SHE RA, VOLTRON, COUNT DUCKULA, DUCK TAILS, HEATHCLIFF, SPACEGHOST, CAPTAIN CAVEMAN, WACKY RACES, INSPECTOR GADGET, AND DAVID THE GNOME….there’s more Im sure, but my memory isnt what it used to be.

Saturday mornings were always sacrosanct but there came a time when I realized that saturday cartoons werent what they used to be.



BAR NONE, the best cartoon Ive seen in decades. funny, irreverent, sophisticated, and not afraid to take a pratfall. The TICK went there with ya ya know? (well, he went there with me, anyway….)

so, because I appreciate Genius, I give you, the TICK:

this one is a fan creation but its BOOM BABY BOOM AWESOME!

so…..when you want to scream DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT BABY, remember to tip your hat to the EMBWBAM,


~ by irishgrl on September 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different-Part 1”

  1. The Tick kinda was around what I consider the awakening of adult-oriented cartoons… First with “TV-Y7” (if you’re familiar with american tv ratings) cartoons that had a lot of references included for the adults/older people, and then later with the advent of all these “TV-14” cartoons – South Park, Family Guy, and a good 30 more obscure ones I wont name here (Lucy Daughter Of The Devil, etc.) But it seemed like c.1995 was around when things broke — with DUCKMAN!! Prime-time, adult-oriented, really too vulgar for kids – tv-14. Simpsons was tame by comparison (though they really started it all).

    I have a lot to thank for Simpsons, The Tick, Duckman, and also Space Ghost Coast To Coast for starting the whole AdultSwim thing…

  2. I approve of this post. A lot.

  3. GOSH GUYS, THANKS! I always strive for mediocrity, but sometimes I amaze myself ya know?

  4. you know, thinking about it, I always felt Beavis and Butthead were actually in the forefront of disgusting cartoon fare…then Ren and Stimpy. We owe a lot to MTV actually…………

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