Weird Science: Weather Wars?

I stumbled upon this topic while researching another, and it really grabbed my attention because well, its so off the wall, and improbable seeming, but apparently it IS real!!

Basically, in a nutshell, our weather is now being controlled by satellite (ie: created storms target select areas in what amounts to weather “terrorism”). Now, before you all roll yer eyes or navigate away, I want to say that I was as skeptical as you. I mean, really—thats taking paranoia to a whole new level isnt it? ISNT IT?

Maybe not. I found an article where a German meteorolgist is suing the government for illegally manipulating the weather—apparently thru the use of chemtrails (those white “tracks” in the sky left by jets at high altitudes) Im not sure exactly how the chemtrails affect the weather, but Jim McCanney believes that laser beams from satellites in space are responsible for weather that doesnt match the weatherman’s predictions (Katrina anyone?) his site is here. Another site compiles pretty damning evidence, among which is a US Congressional Resolution “To establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board,” an abstract:

Scientists, Weather Engineers and Space Specialists are working towards something that can change human civilization forever! It is the methods of artificial weather modification.

The process when perfected, can help in agriculture, getting rid of droughts, floods and avoid cyclones and typhoons.

It is also the process by which the enemy can be devastated, artificial floods, cyclones and typhoons created.

It can allow controlling the world economy and agricultural commodity markets.

In ancient religions and legends, weather control, creation of cyclone, rain, flood, drought were nothing new. In the modern age the Scientists and technologists are busy perfecting the weather control sciences. It is shaping up as the most vibrant area of research and development.

Many countries are mastering the science of weather control. As a matter of fact many experts predict that a war game is being played by major powers in the world to demonstrate their capabilities of weather control. Most of these initiatives are classified and shoved off from the public. The only way one can track these initiatives is to look at countries taking actions to shield against weather control experiments.

Recently, scientists and engineers have started unveiling the actual methods of weather control. Some primitive methods like Cloud-top seeding can confuse you and point you to a wrong direction. Cloud-top seeding is usually performed between the temperatures of -5°C and -10°C. The greatest amount of super-cooled liquid water is usually found within this range. This corresponds to an altitude range of 15,000 to 22,000 ft depending upon location. Dropping or ejecting silver iodide flares into the growing cloud turrets dispenses seeding agent. The seeding agent is placed into the super-cooled clouds where nucleation is desired, so the updrafts in these cases are relied upon only to provide a continuing source of condensate. This delivery technique requires less anticipation on the part of those directing the seeding operations and may have a more immediate effect.

The more modern methods involve artificial ionization of earth’s atmosphere between 15,000 and 30,000 ft. and above. Manipulating the ionosphere and use of controlled solar-terrestrial interactions can create much larger effects. Scientists are realizing that the earth’s weather is controlled by Sun’s natural Electromagnetic Radiation reaching the earth. The Sun’s Radiations and Ultraviolet Rays have to cross the ionosphere to reach the earth.

There are early indications that the solar radiations and flares are directly responsible for planetary weather changes. And Solar flares and levels of radiations are caused by bombardment of cosmic rays on the Sun from either a distant massive black hole or a star-cluster caused by the collapse of thousands and thousands of stars in a small space.

Computer models obviously focused on the ionosphere, which acts as a filter for the solar radiations to reach the earth. If one can manipulate and control the filter, it becomes a potential source of massive weather modification. That is what the computer simulation models found. Controlling the ionosphere potentially allows weather control. The algorithmic variation of ionosphere can create the magic in a massive scale.

There are many methods of controlling the ionosphere. It is the process of artificially manipulating ion density in the ionosphere. High power transmitter and antenna array operating in the HF(High Frequency) range is one of the methods. There are lots of literature on that in the Internet and declassified scientific research journals.

However, the recent trend is in using super conductors in space satellites to generate intense high intensity electromagnetic flux.

Pretty bizarre eh? well, there’s more:

Weather manipulation warfare from outerspace

Weather manipulation warfare is taking a new sophistication. Researchers are planning use the space to manipulate the weather of the earth. Measures and counter measures mark the advanced war games that are being played.

The technology involves manipulation of the ionosphere. The advanced techniques involve application of artificial electromagnetic field intensities. For example a cyclone can be created by these methods but the challenge lies in guiding the cyclone or typhoon to the adversary’s infrastructure in the warfare. For that, scientists are using defection shields by which solar flares can be deflected at the eye of the cyclone and drag it in the desired path.

Artificial manipulation of ionosphere can create massive cyclones and typhoons. But the mare use of ionosphere can only create the seed. The application of electromagnetic flux and creating a temperature differential is what makes a cyclone menacing.

Scientists have struggled to understand the best process of guiding the storm or manipulated weather. Many methods have been used. One of the recent methods used is bombarding neutrinos at the center of the eye of the cyclone or typhoon. Electromagnetic guiding of the cyclone is gaining ground.

The counter measures adopted by the countries against covert weather manipulation warfare are also remarkable but are still in its infancy. One counter measure as opted by some countries is the application of artificial electromagnetic flux from the outer space to neutralize the deflected solar flares in the eye of the storm.

Eventually it will be weather manipulation warfare from the outer space. The satellite is being used now. But space agencies in the world are planning to bring in asteroids closer to earth, control them with bombarding projectiles and use them as landing base for weather manipulation infrastructure.

If an asteroid can be used for hosting the solar flare deflectors, artificial manipulation of earth’s ionospheres and magnetosphere and creation and application of targeted pinpointed electromagnetic flux, the storms can be accurately controlled and de-controlled.

The challenge finally lies into the hands of pace agencies; they are the one who will be responsible for weather manipulation and creation of nuclear shields.

The experts weigh in:

Weather ANOMALIES over the years:

here’s an interesting site:

note: if you get perpetual loop, you may find this interesting:

Let the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Begin

I know this is straight out of the X-files, but sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction. Keep an open mind and do yer own research if you need to. I personally wouldnt put anything past our Government. I think its corrupt to the core.

~ by irishgrl on August 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weird Science: Weather Wars?”

  1. IT’S THE GOVERNMENT! I KNEW IT! Okay, I didn’t know it, but come on, the government is behind everything.
    This is why I hate school – they brain-wash you. And the government wants us to think there’s this this and this wrong, when really there isn’t, it’s all this other stuff, and they want us to be all scared and shit. Screw that idea.
    We all gotta watch out for ourselves….That’s what I’ve always thought. It’s true. Self-Sufficiency. That’s what our country was founded on, how have we strayed so far…..?

  2. I dont know…all I know is, this is some scary stuff, there’s no telling what disasters these Mad folks could unleash on us all.

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