Effing Neighbors O_o

Folks who’ve lived in apartments know how tough it is when you get noisy neighbors or ones who fight all the time…its like the monkey on your back you cant get rid of no matter how hard you try. And if you try the direct approach, and remind them that they don’t live alone, and to please be considerate, you get either a blank stare or a belligerent attitude for your trouble. And then theres the parking issues or the garbage issues…or the kids with snotty noses and dirty faces running around…..no thank you, I waved bye bye to apartment living a long time ago.

Imagine my surprise then, when I realized I was living next door to (gasp) a buttinsky neighbor, the kind who feels like she can judge everything you do as if she is perfect (never mind her son is in prison) and she acts like she has a degree in child development or something…..now, its hot here, triple digits, and I dont have AC or a swamp cooler, so I use my fans and have the windows open.
Me being me, I get frustrated with my son when he refuses to do his chores or he asks for a cookie for the 6th Goddamn time (before breakfast even) and I get LOUD! its like he doesn’t hear me if I talk normal! anyway, this buttinsky neighbor has taken it upon herself to threaten me, criticize me, and even sent me nasty emails. I tried tact. I tried diplomacy. I even tried to see things from her point of view, but since she’s too effing nearsighted, that isn’t working either. Finally, I told her off. She’s now reduced to eye rolling. Thats fine, maybe they’ll roll all the way to the back of her head and STAY there.

I’m thinking there just isn’t a fence high enough to shield me from the asshat neighbors of this world. In the meantime, my son and I just got done washing my two cars and we put our radio on the most obnoxious station we could. LOUD. Just for her.

~ by irishgrl on August 9, 2008.

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