The Basic Food Groups-Revised!

One afternoon as I was ruminating on the varieties of adult beverages available, I noticed that they could easily be categorized according to what they were made of, and thus be incorporated into the Basic Food Groups like this:

The government says you should have 6-11 servings from the cereal group. Voila! a six-pack or a twelve-pack is just the ticket! The Fruit group, 2-4 servings (a bottle of wine should do nicely thank you). Veggie group, 3-5 servings. Here you can get creative, perhaps a Bloody Mary or a cocktail with olives.

I didnt include the dairy group, but Im thinking that Bailey’s Irish Creme, or even a wonderful drink called “London Fog” (made with ice cream, gin (or anisette–my fave!), and creme de menthe) would be reasonable choices.

~ by irishgrl on August 6, 2008.

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